If you are are in the early planning stages of your fundraising event or auction, contact Empire Sports. The earlier we are involved, the more options we'll have on your Sports Items. But that being said, don't hesitate to contact us last minute. We're very accustomed to 11th hour pleas for help and do it regularly...just about every weekend.


And even if your fundraiser is good to go but you just need a little more pizzazz in your Sports offerings, don't hesitate to drop us a line. No notice is too short or request to small for us to be able to help you make your event an even bigger success!

Our Auction Program Manager will begin working with you immediately to better understand your event and how EMPIRE SPORTS can assist. You'll be encouraged to browse this site or, better yet, come in to one of our showrooms to see the types of unique sports collectibles we have to offer. But if you don't have time, don't worry. We'll take care of it. We'll make sure you have just the right pieces for your audience and auction goals.


IMPORTANT! No money is paid to EMPIRE SPORTS until the completion of your event and we only collect payment on those items that are sold at your event making this completely NO-RISK for you and your organization! After we've decided on the items for your event, we can help you set the bid price, provide you with detailed descriptions that sell for each item, and assist with bid sheet design. We'll use our years of auction experience to help you market your EMPIRE SPORTS collectibles so that they will garner the highest bids possible.


Best of all, we donate 25% of the price so you can start the bidding at an attractive price to get things rolling. And the difference between our discounted price and the eventual winning bid ALL goes to your organization. The potential for sizable contributions to your fundraiser is remarkable and virtually unlimited! And what makes it remarkable is our items. Compare them to others you have seen and you know what we are talking about. Put simply, our items get bids!


Before your event we'll work out arrangements for delivery or pick up of your collectibles. If your event is not in the Bay Area, don't worry we travel from Los Angeles, Sacramento, Las Vegas at NO - Cost of you packets,we can also work with you on shipment Items. After the event, we can pick up the items from you location or you can return the items that did not sell. We'll then partner with you to evaluate the event and calculate the earnings from the Empire Sports items.

Most importantly, we'll make sure the event was a Win-Win for your attendees and your organization!

Simply put our goals are threefold:

  1. Entertain your guests;
  2. Make your organization money; and
  3. Make the process as easy and painless a process as possible for you.

 Utilizing our experience and expertise in charity auctions and fundraisers, we're confident we can meet both our objectives. So if you are having a fundraising auction, contact us and let us walk you through our Auction Program.




Santos Hernandez, Empire Sports Fundraising Services Program Manager is ready to assist you with your fundraiser.

Santos has a strong background in retail, fundraising, event planning and promotion. He has worked with numerous organizations and charities to meet their fundraising goals, including  The Guardmen, Boys & Gilrs Club, Early Canines Foundation, San Jose State Foundation and many, many more.

So whatever your event and fundraising needs, please don't hesitate to contact Santos and his team at: or 408.352-5879.

He's ready to help make your event a smashing success.